Giant knitting needles

Giant knitting needles

Here’s a pair of really really big straight knitting needles I bought a few years ago in England. And yes that’s me posing on my balcony. These look so fun! They are 75cm long and have a diameter of 2.5cm. Totally impractical! I only use these for display purposes. They now sit on top of my cabinet. They just too big to fit into a bag and carry around to knit. I tend to knit on the go rather than knit at home while watching tv.

It is probably easier to get a pair of circular knitting needles to do the job. They are foldable and will fit nicely into a bag. These are the new version of Addi Premium Circular knitting needles 100cm and 15mm from Addi Premium with the nice flexible gold cord. These are the new versions of the needles. Shameless eBay plug here.

Addi Premium Knitting Needles

Giant Addi Premium Knitting Needles 100cm 15mm

I made a bag in circular knitting with 2 pairs of knitting Addi Premium Knitting Needles in size 15mm and 80cm length. I found this yarn many years ago at a sale and thought it would be fun to make a seamless bag with it. It turned out quite nice. I am going to sew the lining and the handle for this next month. Its quite funny that the 2 knitting needles for this project are more expensive than the yarn!

I originally tried to knit it with a single pair of 100cm hollow plastic knitting needles in 15mm, but they not only didn’t fit, the cord dislodged from the knitting needle tip. So I threw the plastic needle away and used these Addi Premium circular knitting needles in size 15mm and 80cm length with the original thicker clear cord. The Addi premium ones hollow brass tips (with nickel coating), feel feel well made and are very durable compared to the plastic ones. They were comfortable to knit with, though a little heavier than the plastic ones. Overall the experience was great using these needles.

Now to think up more projects for these giant knitting needles. Because the needles are so large and the yarn is so thick, projects knit quickly. The result is also very interesting.

The Bag

The bag knitted with giant needles

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