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Patons Feathers

This is a review of Patons Feathers. This fancy yarn knits looks totally adorable when you knit it. It has a underlying colour in this case teal with green. It knits to a lovely blue green fabric which is nice and soft. It comes in a wide variety of colours. I’ve seen a few bags made with this yarn combined with normal yarn for very nice effect. The yarn looks very much like eyelashes!

Patons Feathers - how the yarn looks like

I am making a little short sleeve cardigan with it in stocking stitch. I have unpicked this 3 times since I started. Its very difficult to count the stitches on the knitting needle. It is also difficult to tell if you have dropped a stitch and put it back on the needle. This means that this cardigan has to be knitted carefully to avoid dropping stitches. I am using little marking safety pins to keep track of the number of stitches which I count every 10 rows or so.

Patons Feathers swatch

This makes Patons Feathers a difficult yarn to knit with. Not recommended it for beginners or knitters who do not like to unpick, because it will happen despite one’s best efforts.

The question remains whether it is worth all this effort. I’m going to continue knitting this project and hope to complete sometime soon. It just means that it is something I have knit when I can concentrate on this and not be interrupted mid row.

I got this yarn at Spotlight, Singapore. It seems they no longer carry this yarn. However, they do have a similar one called Moda Vera Flurry. Even the needle and needle size is the same. This retails for S$2.00 at Spotlight. Its really inexpensive way experiment with fancy yarn or add interest to a project.

Moda Vera Flurry

Moda Vera Flurry - yarn info

Patons Feathers
Manufactured by: Patons
Weight: 50g / 65m
Weight of yarn: very similar to 8ply / DK
Knitting needle size: 4.00mm
Tension: 18.5st = 10cm / 4in, 24 rows = 10cm / 4in
Price: S$2.00
Rating: B-

Very inexpensive fancy yarn that knits into a cute furry fabric, but is not easy to knit.

8 May 2012 Update:
It is possible to knit this yarn with a fine yarn which makes this much easier to knit. Unfortunately the pattern that I am knitting does not call for this!

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