Knitting and Crochet Seminar by Golden Dragon Store

Knitting and Crochet Seminar Day 1

I attended the Knitting and Crochet Seminar on the 24th and 25th September 2014 at the Copthorne King’s Hotel, along Havelock Road. It was a 2 day seminar organised by Golden Dragon Store in conjunction with Hamanaka, with knitwear designer Ms Kasuyo Nakamura providing guidance and instructions for 10 different designs. The price for this workshop was $350 for 2 days with lunch and 3 goody bags.


Knitwear designs from Hamanka for the second day

The workshop provided instructions for ten novel designs over 2 days covering mainly the key techniques required to make them without delving into basics. This workshop was for intermediate and advanced participants. The designs were very challenging and fun to make. Designs included a 2 coloured rafia string crocheted bag using Eco Andaria (looked so fun to make I decided to make one), various crocheted pieces, domino knitting and projects using lace pieces.

The Domino knit blouse (the second design in the above picture from the left) is challenging to make because of the way you incorporate each piece into the work. I will be making a domino knit hat using one of the designs provided in the seminar.

I particularly liked the use of lace pieces which could be knitted into the design. It looks so intricate and hard to do, but really the lace pieces designed by Hamanaka were specifically designed with eyelets at the top and bottom edges so that you can pick up stitches with the eyelets. What an easy way to make something that looks totally unique! It looks so complicated but it is not!

Ms Kasuya Nakamura explaining the instructions

Ms Kasuya Nakamura explaining the instructions

Ms Kasuyo Nakamura, demonstrated many different techniques in both English and sometimes Japanese. One of the experienced knitting instructors from Golden Dragon would provide instruction in both mandarin and english. When asked if she understood Japanese She said “No, I just describe what Ms Kasuya Nakamura did.” Knitting and crochet transcends language, culture and gender – there was one male participant.

Ladies from the Golden Dragon Store and Ms Kasuya Nakamura

Goody bags and projects
A pink goody bag was prepared for each day of the seminar. This included a very large instruction booklet, enough yarn for one project and a selection of yarn to try out the different projects for the day. The main project for day 2 was a pink evening bag made from very glitter yarn, it also included the chain handle, lining and interfacing. I am now knitting this bag. I do not think I can remember the instructions for the putting the bag together, so I will be returning to Golden Dragon Store for help with that.

I also managed to exchange some yarn with the ladies at my table and have enough to make one of the smaller projects from the instruction booklet. I wish I could have swapped more the yarn!

Goody Bag from Day 2

Goody Bag from Day 2

Items for sale @ the seminar
There was a selection of knitting needles, hooks, books and yarn for sale. I succumbed and bought a few things. I bought the book by Ms Kasuyo Nakamura and got it signed. I will be making a few things from the book! I also bought a device that looks like a knitty knotty that will make scrunchies – I figured it would be a great way to use up all the all the ramnents of yarn that are still lying around.

Shopping at the Workshop

I will be posting the projects that I am working on from this workshop soon. I enjoyed myself and have some new ideas and interesting designs to explore. Met some old friends, new friends and got to know the team from Golden Dragon store a lot better. Hopefully they will organise another knitting and crochet workshop again!

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